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Aerocool project 7 Time Lapse Liquid Cooling System

  The ULTIMATE Hard Tube and RGB Gaming PC Build – Time Lapse 2018. Today we are building the ultimate gaming pc build for a friend. We use Aerocool project 7 case. We found this PC case is actually very suitable for liquid cooling system.

XGEAR Project 7 Gaming PC

  Project 7 Gaming PC with I5-8400 6-CORE/6-THREAD UPTO 4.0GHZ 16GB 120GB SSD+1TB GTX1060 6GB

XGEAR Inwin 805 Build

        Ryzen 2700x ddr4 4000mhz Ram looks awesome in this Inwin805 Case. The Graphic card is 1080Ti.


XGEAR TTE Hard Tube Liquid Cooling Build

    Illuminating liuquid cooling System. Build in 2018.09

XGEAR Inwin 303 Nvidia Build

  2018.08 Inwin Nvidia Build.  Green is my color.